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Future updates in English… 


To my English friends and readers,

I have spent a lot of time thinking about how to keep my blog updated without it taking too much of my time. I really enjoy sharing my journey and all the reflections I have when making a post. But I still haven’t found the right way for me to make this happen regularly. Part of this is because of the time consuming translation from Danish to English. I have thought about only writing in English, but since it’s not my first language I sometime feel that I lack of colourful ways to descibe a feeling or a place. Other times I feel it’s easier to descripe in English. Its funny in that way. I think it’s because I rarely speak Danish when travelling. Sometimes I even think in English and not in Danish.

Well I made up my mind and I hope this will make it easier and more fun for me. Instagram will stay in english but the blog will from now on be in Danish only. But don’t be sad I am looking for a solution. A feature that can translate the blog into English by just pushing a botton.

I hope for your understanding and that you will keep following anyway 🙂

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