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Record week

23. March 2016

15.-21. February 2016 This week started with a few personal records. And as a kickstart I meet these two glorious women. I stopped at their food stall to buy a bunch of bananas. The communication was limited, but in the … Continue reading

6 months on the road!

7. March 2016

8. February – 14. February 2016 Leaving Malaysia and a great family, who welcomed us in their homes and to be part of their Chinese New Year. *** Afsked med Malaysia og en fantastisk familie, som bød os velkommen i … Continue reading

Future updates :)

5. March 2016

What happened after I left Slovenia on my way to Istanbul? A lot of things happend, but maybe it remains in my own memory, maybe I write a little blog post about it in the future. But I am happy … Continue reading

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