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Day 0-1: See you later


8-9 August 2015
From Silkeborg, Denmark to Nørre Snede, Denmark

So, I am finally off to see the world! What a summer it has been. A lot of time preparing and buying the last things before departure. I sure hope it is the right things! And a lot of lovely time spend with family, my mothers 70th birthday, camping with my sister and her family and nice dinners and get-togethers with friends. Thanks for all the great moments this summer, I will sure remember them when times get tough 🙂 

Saturday I had invited some friends and family for breakfast and a last goodbye. It filled me with happiness to see so many lovely people wishing me a safe and joyful journey. Some of them even brought nice gifts. That liquorice sure was great! And my family even made a nice banner wishing me good luck while travelling (Lykke til på rejsen, Sara!) and balloons with a little note inside with the name of my website. How nice was that! I wonder if somebody find one of the flying balloons  It wasn´t easy saying goodbye to all the lovely people, but I really appreciated all the warm hugs. 

The rest of the day I spent with family and packing the last things. Sunday was the day of departure and around noon I gave the last hugs, said goodbye and of course to day also included some tears and deep breaths before riding my bike down the road. While I rode down my childhood street, I couldn´t stop thinking: wow, this is it, I am finally on my way! It was so weird biking out of my old town, and thinking: I wonder how long this journey will be, when will I see friends and family again and who will I meet and where will I go? 

My first stop ended up in Nørre Snede on a little campsite. It was no normal campsite, as it was also an organic farm. It is owned by a very nice couple from Holland. If you are interested have a look at their website They just started a little farm shop, although I didn´t buy anything, I can only recommend it because I was served a very delicious lemonade when I arrived.  

Saras Bike - Gyvelborg Denmark


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